Benin Presidential 2016: Some shortcomings identified by the Civil Society

12 Mar

The citizens of Benin came out to vote, it’s a general and happy observation. The election platform of the civil society organization of Benin carefully followed the election process which was particularly relayed on social media, the devices of the election situation room allowed to have a global view on the polling situation on the grounds.

Therefore the platform organized two press briefings in the day. The first at 11am, a briefing on the effective beginning of the voting process and the 2nd at 6pm whereby the shortcomings in the process where identified.

The first incident that was deplored was the late opening of some polling boots. The platform detected that there is a 3 hours lateness in opening  in some polling stations

Also the absence of representatives of the minority and majority especially in the departments of Atlantique and Oueme. We also detected the absence of candidate representatives.

We also noted in some areas the interruption in the voting process,  a deputy attempts to corrupt  the members of a polling station, attempts of voting by foreigners and multiple voting. Finally in the Zou and Plateau most of the new adults  couldn’t vote due to lack of communication.

The incident that went viral on social media networks and on the instant message application whatsapp is that of five minors in the possession of a voter’s card , they were noticed in the cues at Dogbo and Lalo and detained.

All this incidents and shortcomings were treated by the various chambers of the platform.

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